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Trade Credit Risk – Does it Matter?


Trade Credit seminar

Trade credit – seminar

Iridium was pleased to host close to 50 guests at a seminar entitled “Trade Credit Risk – Does it Matter” on April 5th 2017, led by Paul Turner of Jaimac Risk Management Inc.

The presentation challenged some of the basic tenants of portfolio theory as it applies to credit risk assessment, and it offered an innovative solution to overcome some of these pitfalls and ultimately enhance shareholder value.

Along with Mr. Turner on the panel, there were two leading underwriters in the Trade Credit Insurance sector from Atradius and EDC, as well as a key client of both Iridium and Jaimac who has been a purchaser of Credit Insurance for more than 8 years.

A networking reception following the seminar allowed attendees the opportunity to discuss this topic with the presenters and among themselves.