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Our Manifesto

We were determined to build a company that could walk the service talk.


Most companies claim to care about service, but few seem to do it well. We were determined to build a boutique firm that could walk the service talk. We chose to make it personal. To do this we were very selective in the choices we made. These six choices govern how we run our business. We believe they are the reason why clients enjoy working with us and why top talent sticks with us.


#1 – It takes 1,000 true fans.

Although we have clients like other firms, the truth is we are not satisfied until a client becomes a fan. It takes a little while, but inevitably there comes a day when a client will affirm our work with a positive word or two. These moments are our mojo. We thrive on them.


#2 – We are not a Jack-of-all-trades and a master of none.

A specialized focus creates intensity through commitment. By committing to the industry sectors which we serve and having cultivated expertise in the management of the unique risks faced by our clients, we bring insight and experience to the table that is hard to match.


#3 – Culture is everything.

It’s hard to manufacture cool. It’s even harder to manufacture a great culture. The only way to attract and retain hot talent is to create an environment that is progressive, challenging and engaging. Old, stodgy, buttoned down and boring just isn’t us. We are different and we work on being different every day.


#4 – Make it personal. Make it Count. We need to give a ****.

Making it personal is a tenet that runs deep in our company and it starts with our core values. Our core values underpin how our company operates and how we are all measured. We hire people who will work with the same passion, creativity and care that a traditional artisan applies to his craft. We’re not so bold as to imply that working at Iridium will lead to self-actualization, but then again we have been known to have bold, lofty goals!


#5 – It’s about the collective. All for one and one for all.

We are big believers that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Self-interest and silo building have no place in our firm. We reward employees based on each individual’s contribution to the success of the team and how each team contributes to the success of our clients. By working together we can move mountains.


#6 – Freedom of choice.

We will not limit the risk solutions available to our clients in pursuit of corporate or personal gain. We always strive to find the best products and most suitable collaborators to meet our clients’ unique needs through free agency and democratic partnerships.