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Technology Performance Insurance

Technology Performance Insurance (TPI) can provide an ideal de-risking mechanism for new “green” projects where the perception of underperformance is large due to:

  • The technology being unproven/novel
  • The project utilizes proven technology but has never been built to the proposed scale
  • Proven technologies being patched together in a fashion never done before

It can provide lenders with certainty that if a project underperforms for a broad number of reasons, debt repayment, along with debt service will continue. It can also provide coverage for physical repairs or enhancements that need to be done post start up to get the project up to its performance targets.

Policies can be written for up to 10 years and can cover both debt and equity positions. Each policy is bespoke to every risk and can be tailored to suit your needs and most importantly, the financier’s. A portfolio of policies can also be pre-negotiated where the business plan is to build multiple facilities over many years.

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