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“Many companies have struggled to enter into the crypto currency space from the periphery as a complimentary service provider. Iridium Risk Services have achieved this in a constantly evolving and fast paced market sector of cryptocurrency and blockchain, managing expectations and bridging the educational gap between all vested parties.

Having a partner to rely on in any industry is key and having an insurance provider that can deliver in an emerging space is essential. Iridium have proven that they are willing and able to align to the requirements of our industry and go the extra distance to consistently deliver to our business.”

Phil Harvey
Chief Operating Officer
BlockOne Technology Inc.

“After participating in Iridium’s Risk Workshop, we were confident that they understood our operations, and inherent exposures, as though they were part of the Cenozon team. Iridium was then able to place an insurance program that made sense for our operations and put our minds at ease. They have more than delivered on their promise to be our risk management and insurance partner so that we may focus on growing our business.”

Mark L. Woynarowich
Technical Services Manager & Integrity Specialist
Cenozon Inc.

“Manufacturing and installing infrastructure in the crypto industry has led to some interesting challenges. With Iridium Risk Services by our side, The Crypto Can Man has mitigated risks for our core business, and further, Iridium has helped the company navigate the growth of new ventures. The expertise and International industry awareness of the Iridium team has enabled The Crypto Can Man to expand internationally while identifying and controlling risk with an informed methodology. Iridium’s expertise and wide market view of the crypto industry is second to none.

Working in lockstep with Iridium provides the comfort and assurance necessary to enable sustainable growth in the crypto industry.”

David Billay
Chief Executive Officer
The Crypto Can Man Ltd.

“Pure is a company that has grown significantly both in size and complexity over the last 10 years and required a new perspective on its overall risk management approach. Through a detailed and in-depth review of our Company and our business, Iridium was quickly able to immediately add value to Pure by helping us develop and implement a comprehensive insurance program that ensured appropriate coverage on a cost-effective basis. Our senior management has been very impressed with both the professionalism and responsiveness of the Iridium team as we have made the transition from our previous provider. We look forward to a strong and long-term business partnership between Pure and Iridium as our business continues to grow.”

Geoffrey D. Krause, CA, CPA,
Vice President and CFO
Pure Technologies

“Crypto is a rapidly evolving space, and the Iridium team’s expansive capability and knowledge, coupled with their early entrance into the sector, has been instrumental in empowering Toolitech to not only manage risk, but also to discover and unlock new value. Toolitech looks forward to the continued synergy with Iridium as we grow and develop new crypto opportunities.”

John Tapping
Chairman & CEO
Toolitech Inc.

“Iridium has been a key partner of Zayzoon’s since company formation and has guided us through every step of the risk management process along the way. Their attention to detail and level of understanding of our business has provided us value year after year as our operations grow and our risks become more complex. Iridium has a strong understanding of the industry we operate in and has clearly made it a priority to understand emerging risks in new and unfamiliar territory. We’re proud to call Iridium our risk management partner as we continue to scale the business and explore new opportunities.”

Darcy Tuer
Chief Executive Officer
ZayZoon Inc.


“Since partnering with Iridium Risk Services, we have benefited greatly from their knowledge and enthusiasm to build an insurance program that addresses the unique exposures in our industry. The team at Iridium has been incredibly responsive and meticulous in providing advice and reviewing contracts. The attention to detail they have shown through the risk workshop process and on an ongoing basis is exactly what has made them stand out as a risk management partner to Fresnel (Vitruvi). As our company expands, we know we can rely on Iridium to provide continuous support and help our company achieve its goals.”

Allan Schaefer
Director of Finance
Vitruvi Software