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Martin J. Delaney

CEO and Director

Martin began his career working at the Head Offices of Scotiabank and TD Bank Group in commercial lending and inventory insurance. While managing national sales teams at both institutions, he focused on financial product development and management. In 2005, Martin moved to Jones Brown as a Partner and National Practice Leader for Affinity and Programs. In 2010 he joined the AON and their Global Risk Consulting Team as a Principal Attorney and Account Executive. Martin then joined Jardine Lloyd Thompson as Senior Vice President and Leader for Risk Management and Cyber in 2016 specializing in the Energy, Power and Mining industries.

Martin has extensive background in financial services, affinity programs, surety, insurance product development, governance, risk management practices, and cyber insurance. While establishing insurance affinity programs for two Schedule I Banks he developed his expertise in vertically integrated insurance “Affinity Group” programmes. His experience as an insurance and finance specialist, led to his success in developing insurance programs that assist clients in the energy, power and mining sectors.

Martin has been an innovator in the financial and insurance industry focused on bring business solutions to his clients for years. He has played a key role in the development and application of the On-Demand Payment Bond having spent years working with insurers and industry partners to gain market acceptance.

Martin has a deep knowledge of structured surety, trade credit, and reciprocal/captive implementation, licensing, and insurance brokerage experience. He continues to augment his financial risk management expertise by developing and implementing new structured and commercial surety solutions for the Energy, and Power sectors.

In addition to his civilian work experience, Martin has served as a senior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in a variety of command positions, with overseas and domestic operational experience.